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Hi, I'm


Photo by Jaceob Rivard

Here's a bit about me

You may have seen me in

I have an rather (?) combination of traits that affect how I go about my photography:


I'm an introvert who loves people.

No, really, it's in an official document from a professional. 

This shows up in my photography as something I like to call "professional chaos." When wrapping your mind around what this means, I want you to challenge how you think of traditional professionalism.


The "professional" bit of professional chaos - to me - means being organized and communicative with my clients. That's why my "Investments" pages are filled to the brim with information would want before consulting and booking with another photographer. It means creating concept boards and shot lists that show I'm on my clients' team and we have the same vision.


The "chaos" qualifier, of course, often shows up first during consultations with potential clients (Hey, you!), and is where things get fun.