Hi, I'm


Hey, team! Nice to e-meet you! I'm Quinn. I moved to Pittsburgh in March 2022 and am loving every second of being here.

I fell into photography because it combines my creative spirit with my philosophy of wanting the people in my life to be able to fully access their potential. My family, my friends, my clients, the communities I am part of and interact with. It shows up in every aspect of my life. I pride myself in helping creatives, small business owners, and nonprofits see their best days. I provide research and education tools to fellow creatives through workshops, courses, and bite-sized social media content. I collaborate with grassroots organizations to help them build visual assets for earned media coverage and their social platforms.  

I'm not behind the lens, I love supporting fellow small business owners, exploring PGH, getting my groove on at Carnegie Museum of Art's Inside Out (If anyone from CMOA's event team is reading this, thank you for a wonderful 2022 season!), celebrating friendships, attending concerts, making robust grateful lists, good coffee, cocktails, and the Oxford comma.