Frequently asked questions

Will you send me the unedited photos?

No, my apologies. The way I tone (or edit) the photos I deliver to you is a part of my craft and having another person edit them or edit over them in a different software or on social media not only devalues my work, but it's also a copyright infringement. If you are unhappy with the way the photos have been toned, please contact me and I will re-tone them free of charge. For additional information on this topic, Caleb Kerr wrote an incredible article for Medium that can be accessed at this link here!

Can I share the photos on social media?

Yes! And when you do, please credit us by tagging/crediting @QuinnKPhoto either in the photo or caption! By doing so, you're acknowledging the years of learning and hours of labor we've put into helping people portray their most organic selves. It also helps us continue our work and expand our services!

How do you price your services?

My service fees cover the personal labor that goes into my work, the years I have spent learning technique, software and travel expenses, the cost of keeping my equipment clean and with minimal wear and tear, and the various expenses incurred while running a business. Thank you for supporting this small business!

What's your approach to a subject who isn't familiar with the camera?

Many photo shoots begin this way - we're all a little stiff at first and uncomfortable when there's a camera involved. I use this to my advantage and take headshots, traditional "pose-y" looking images, and talk to my subject to get to know them better! This allows me a glimpse into their sense of humor, their personality, etc., which also helps in choosing poses and guiding them into poses they naturally gravitate to (which also helps the final images look like they're truly representative of the subject and their personality).

What happens if I have a family emergency or if we planned to shoot outside and rain is predicted?

We will reschedule at no additional cost! My contracts give us both grace in the event of an "Act of God," whether that's weather, a family emergency, or the like. I just ask that you let me know as soon as possible via my phone number or email.