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Marcel "Fable the Poet" Price speaks to a crowd about the first "The 49507 Project" mural activation.

Event Coverage

Event photography captures candid memories as they happen. So, whether you're hosting the Michigan Man of The Year Awards, a campaign event, or need Behind-The-Scenes of your music video, photo coverage is a must.

My approach to event coverage is best described as photojournalism through an artist's lens. I'll take my award-winning photojournalism techniques and blend them with custom toning to provide wholly unique images from your day.

What's the Occasion?

Investment: $400/hr+

The Consult

This is where your visual story begins.

Consultations most often take place over video chat and last about half an hour. This is where we determine the date, hours of coverage, location, the shots that are most important for me to capture, and toning style.

You have three options to choose from when it comes to toning style: 

Black and White | True-to-Color Artistic

Black and white is pretty self-explanatory, true-to-color represents the images with little to no color grading (think photojournalism), while artistic toning results in a more dramatic flair.

Of course, I'm sure you've noticed the "+" in the "Investment" section. This is for licensing rights if you plan to market, promote, publish, etc. with the final images, or if the session incurs additional costs for additional time/more files than my standard 30-40/hr. We'll figure out if that applies to you during your consult!

Please keep in mind this event coverage package does not include weddings. You may contact me directly with any wedding inquiries you have and we can get started on conceptualizing your big day!

A videographer shoots a music video. In the viewfinder is rapper Dayon Lewis (Lord DLew) .

The Shot List

Once we've had our consultation, I'll be able to create a shot list for you to review! Your shot list will vary depending on how many hours of coverage you've booked and the complexity of your event.

For example, the shot list for one hour of coverage with Grand Rapids-based nonprofit The Diatribe looks like:

Shot List

Location: Godwin Heights High School

Date: April 13, 2021

Coverage Length: 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.

  • Each Teaching Artist speaking to the class.

  • Students engaging with curriculum.

  • Students presenting their poetry.

  • Detail shots of students writing, clapping, etc.

A four-hour networking event, however, would result in a more involved shot list: if there are important attendees, we would outline if you'd like images of them speaking, shaking hands with guests, etc; we would list the names of vendors and sponsors that need to be highlighted. At the risk of losing your attention, I'll stop my explanation there - I'm sure you get my drift.

I'll send the proposed shot list, informational agreement and invoice through email. Once all appropriate agreements have been signed and I've confirmed your retainer, you're officially booked!

A couple laughs together at the Michigan Man of the Year event.
A bassist plays music and watches his band play.
Students watch poets present curriculum during programming with The Diatribe.
Women pose for a selfie while holding cocktails at a celebration.

The Shoot

This is where all the effort you've put in to prepare pays off. Time for you to sit back and enjoy everything you've worked for!

Thanks to our consultation and shot list, I'll be able to photograph your event flawlessly. As my entrepreneur father always told me, "Follow the five 'P''s: 'Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.'" 

As mentioned briefly in the "Consult" section, each hour of coverage results in a standard of 30-40 final images. These photos will be a combination of shots of people and details from the event, unless our shot list says otherwise. 

Once the coverage length has elapsed, I'll check in with you and say my goodbyes! If you'd like to continue your coverage at that time, just let me know and we'll set up an agreement acknowledging the extension of my services and respective compensation. 

Once my service is confirmed as complete, I'll make my way home and begin post-processing.

A Mount Pleasant School of Dance student dances during the studio's hip-hop class.

Post-processing & delivery

Post-production is where your photos come to life. It's also the most time-consuming aspect of photography. 


Please allow three to four weeks for the delivery of your final images. A sneak preview (~10 files) should be ready several days after coverage, as folks like to share the success of their event on social media.


If you're looking for retouching on your images, there's an additional charge per photo, and rates depend on requested intensity. Just outline your request in an email, and I'll send a quote your way!

Your final images will be delivered over WeTransfer with an email explaining how to access your files once your invoice has been paid in full.

You'll have these memories and successes available for a lifetime!

One final tip from the professional: store the final images safely - I suggest transferring the files to two separate USB drives on the off chance one is lost or becomes corrupt. You never think you'll need another storage device until you do.

Information regarding a politician running for office sits on her informational table in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
A speaker presents during a Martin Luther King, Jr. event.
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