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Love Sessions

Love looks different for everyone. It can appear as warmth between parent and child, the bond between friends, the romance of people devoted to each other.


Put simply, I love love. 

These sessions are for folks who want to share their heart, full stop. Single parent, polyamorous, queer, disabled; every one of us deserves to love, be loved, and be confident doing so. 

In All Its Forms

Investment: $500

The Consult

This is where your visual story begins.

Love session consults take place through video chat and last about a half hour. This is where we talk about your intentions for the shoot, location and date, and our method for executing the final vision.

Don't worry if you're a newbie in front of the camera - I have over six years of experience guiding people into moments that feel authentic and result in beautiful imagery. This is why we have our consultation! I'll ask about the dynamic between you and whoever is joining you in order to help me cook up prompts, stories, and customize your experience. 

Following our consult, I'll send over an agreement for you to review and sign, and an invoice with a retainer laid out so we can secure your date. Your session is booked after I receive the signed agreements and confirm your retainer!

Five sorority girls get close and smile together on Michigan State University's campus.
Concept board including inspiration, color palette, styling and makeup and hair inspiration, set and props description, and location info.

The Concept Board

Thanks to our consult, I'm able to put our plan to paper. Much like a vision board, this concept board acts as a reminder and manifestation tool.


Inspired by the mood boards from photographer Ally Green, these concept boards feature everything we need to know about your stylized session. From inspiration references to color palette and location, down to styling and the necessary props and lighting, it's all here.

I'll have my own copy of the final creation, and I'll send you a .jpeg version to confirm we're on the same page.


Feel free to share the board on social media so the folks who follow you can get hyped about the shoot, as well!

The Shoot

I know you've had questions while reading everything above, and I'll answer those questions here.

 These shoots last an hour to an hour-and-a-half so we can capture as many details that make you and your loved one(s) the people you are. This will result in up to 30 final images; more on that process in the section below.

This is where I'll pull out all the stops for you. If we're going goofy, I'll throw you some dad jokes. Super sweet? I'll have you use your nose to draw a heart on your partner's cheek. Mysterious? I'll guide you into a recreation of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam and let the location be the star of the show.

Once our session is complete, we'll say our farewells and I'll make my way back home to begin post-processing.

Intentionally out-of-focus hands of a couple reach for each other. The background is in focus and is pink peonies.

Post-processing & delivery

Once I select the best technical images from the bunch, I'll place them in a selection album for you in the Client Portal of my website. Afterward, I'll email you the link, password and selection tutorial!

This is where you select the images you want toned and delivered. I know what looks good technically, but you have the eye for where your visual story is best represented. Return my email to let me know when you've made your selection, and I'll throw your favorites into my cauldron and cook them into the artwork you booked me for!

If you're looking for retouching on your images, there's an additional charge per photo, depending on the requested intensity. Just outline your request in an email, and I'll send a quote your way! 

Your images will be complete about a week from when I confirm your selection album choices, excluding any retouching requests. 

Your final images will be delivered over WeTransfer with an email explaining how to access your files once your invoice has been paid in full!

Thank you for making it possible for me to share what I love with you!

A couple hugs after having a beach engagement.
A couple holds hands with their backs to each other, looking off into the distance, in a field of peonies. The partner on the left is a blonde woman wearing a yellow dress and the partner on the right is wearing a striped shirt and jean short overalls.
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