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Senior     Photos

THIS is how you celebrate and immortalize all the hard work you've put in all these years. You've had people tell you what to do and when to do it semester after semester and now, you're in charge of your own fate. 

This is not your momma's senior photo session, but if you'd like a few traditional photos, I'll make it happen! 

Scroll down for the timeline on your package!


Investment: $500

The Consult

You have your two outfits planned, your locations picked out. Your vision is clear and you're ready to team up. So let's talk!

Senior session consults take place through video chat and last about a half hour. This helps give me a clearer idea on what we're going for and how I'll help you achieve it. 

If you don't have a developed idea of what you want, no problem! This is where we can brainstorm and figure it out together. I have over six years of experience photographing high school and college graduates, so I have an arsenal of tips and tricks up my sleeve!

Following our consult, I'll send over an agreement for you to review and sign, and an invoice with a retainer laid out so we can secure your date. Your shoot is confirmed after I receive the signed agreement and retainer!

Central Michigan University graduate twirls in her gown in a forest.
Concept board including inspiration, color palette, styling and makeup and hair inspiration, set and props description, and location info at Michigan State University.

The Concept Board

Thanks to our consult, I'm able to put our plan to paper. Much like a vision board, this concept board acts as a reminder and manifestation tool.


Inspired by the mood boards from photographer Ally Green, these concept boards feature everything we need to know about your grad shoot. From inspiration references to color palette to location, down to styling and the necessary props and lighting, it's all here.

I'll have my own copy of the final creation, and I'll send you a .jpeg version to confirm we're on the same page.


Feel free to share the board on social media to get your friends hyped about your session, as well!

The Shoot

It's the day you've been waiting for. You're looking like a million bucks, and feeling like it, too. This is where we execute the session we envisioned and laid out in the concept board! 

I know you've had questions while reading the previous information, and I'll answer those questions here.

 We'll shoot for an hour to an hour-and-a-half to capture as complete a representation of your graduate form as possible. This includes head shots for professional use, captures of decorated caps, and yes, your immediate family can come along for some clicks, too! If you'd like some extended family or friends to come along, let me know during the consult and we'll set you up.

Once the shoot is complete, we'll go our separate ways, and this is where I work my photo magic.

Central Michigan University graduate throws the skirt of her burgundy dress into the air and laughs. Background is brick wall with ivy.

Post-processing & delivery

Once I select the best technical images from the bunch, I'll place them in a selection album for you in the Client Portal of my website. Afterward, I'll email over the link, password and selection tutorial!

This is where you select up to 30 images you want toned and delivered. I know what looks good technically, but you know where you look best. Return my email to let me know when you've made your selection, and I'll throw your favorites into my cauldron and cook them into the artwork you booked me for!

If you're looking for retouching, there's an additional charge per photo, depending on the requested intensity. Just outline your request in an email, and I'll send a quote your way! 

Your images will be complete about a week from when I confirm your selection album choices, excluding any retouching requests. 

Your final images will be delivered over WeTransfer with an email explaining how to access your files once your invoice has been paid in full!



Congrats on your huge achievement! You'll look proudly on these images for years to come.

A college graduate in a red cap smiles, while surrounded by pink flowers.
A Central Michigan University dancer jumps and sprays champagne in front of the Kelly-Shorts Stadium "Fire Up Chips!" sign.
A Central Michigan University graduate holds an academic medal in his hands.
A senior cap and tassel rest on a piece of driftwood next to a bottle of chardonnay on a beach.
A Central Michigan University graduate wearing cap, gown, and suit and tie stands in front of a bush and smirks for the camera.
A Central Michigan University graduate moves forward gracefully, with her arms trailing behind her, stole and gown flowing behind her.
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