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Stylized   Sessions

From one creative to another, I know how hard it is to create a team that comprehends your vision. My process focuses on that comprehension so I can seamlessly represent your visual story.

The results reflect in the story of Janeigha Cummings. An aspiring fashion model, Cummings and I worked together throughout 2019 to develop her portfolio.

She walked in NYFW 2020. 

Let's make the equivalent happen for you.

Hey, Visionary!

Investment: $600+

The Consult

This is where your visual story begins.

We'll walk through your intentions for the shoot, how you want to use the final images, and our method for executing the final vision.

If you don't have a developed idea of what you want, no problem! My photography is a creative outlet and a business I market, so I have experience in exactly what you're hiring me to do. This has prepared me to throw ideas at you that mesh with your brand and audience if you need inspiration.

I'm sure you've noticed the "+" in the "Investment" section. This is for licensing rights if you plan to market, promote, publish, etc. with the final images, or if the session incurs additional costs for props, location, models, or additional time/final files. We'll figure out if that applies to you here!

Following our consult, I'll send over an agreement for you to review and sign, and an invoice with a retainer so we can secure your date. Your session is confirmed when I receive your signed agreement and retainer!

 A model wearing a blue and white corset holds onto a dark orange chair and shifts her shoulders into a pose. The image background is dark and blurred and the model's face is illuminated by gentle flash.
Concept board including inspiration, color palette, styling and makeup and hair inspiration, set and props description, and location info.

The Concept Board

Thanks to our consult, I'm able to put our plan to paper. Much like a vision board, this concept board acts as a reminder and manifestation tool.


Inspired by the mood boards from photographer Ally Green, these concept boards feature everything we need to know about your stylized session. From inspiration references to color palette and location, down to styling and the necessary props and lighting, it's all here.

I'll have my own copy of the final creation, and I'll send you a .jpeg version to confirm we're on the same page.


Feel free to share the board on social media to get your audience hyped about the project, as well!

The Shoot

Whether we're on location, in the studio, or elsewhere, this is where your story gets to shine.

I know you've had questions while reading everything above, and I'll answer those questions here.

 The average shoot lasts an hour to an hour-and-a-half so we can capture as complete of a representation of the developed concept as possible. Depending on what we decided the visuals require in our consult, this could look different for you. 

A session of average length normally results in up to 20 final images. Again, depending on the nature of the concept, this could look different, but not wildly. I will let you know the expected number of final images in the general agreement I'll send your way before the shoot!

Once our session is complete, I'll congratulate all involved on our job well done, make my way back home, and begin my post-processing magic.

Model Noah Bostick lounges on a field with one leg bent with his knee toward the sky, the other leg bent so that his foot rests on the other knee, creating a triangle frame through which to view his face. One hand supports his lounge, the other is upon a pair of sunglasses he's wearing.
On a bubblegum pink background sits fluffy white clouds and a curly-haired redhead wearing bellbottom jeans, a white V-neck camisole, and floral Impala brand roller skates. She looks dreamily off into the distance.
Two models lean against a railing downtown Pittsburgh, PA. The models' dark skin glows under the overhead light - the highlights in the image have been tinged a light blue and one sparkle stands out on a golden piece of jewelry.

Once I select the best technical images from the bunch, I'll place them in a selection album for you in the Client Portal of my website. Afterward, I'll email you the link, password and selection tutorial!

This is where you select the images you want toned and delivered. I know what looks good technically, but you have the eye for where your visual story is best represented. Return my email to let me know when you've made your selection, and I'll throw your favorites into my cauldron and cook them into the artwork you booked me for!

If you're looking for retouching on your images, there's an additional charge per photo. Just outline your request in an email, and I'll send a quote your way! 

Your images will be complete about five weeks from when I confirm your selection album choices, excluding any retouching requests. 

Your final images will be delivered over WeTransfer with an email explaining how to access your files once your invoice has been paid in full!

Creative to creative, I'm excited to watch your success.

One model with curly blonde hair stands beneath one light near the exit of a car garage. He's holding a pink Kate Spade bag and facing off to the right of the frame.
Business owner poses with her product, an illustrated coloring book. She is tattooed and excited, and sits on a bohemian-style bed.

Post-processing & delivery

2022-07-30 Export 1-003.jpg
A lifestyle image of business owner Morgan Barbret, she is seated in a comfortable-looking chair by a bookshelf. She smiles gently at the camera with one hand supporting her chin.
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