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Meet Me!

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The first blog post is always the hardest. I've been thinking about prompts all day and searching the internet for "photo blog post topics," and each concept falls short of the absolutely stunning initial blog post I wanted to serve you. It is now 10 p.m. and right as I decided to fall back on the tried-and-true "This Is Who I Am And Why I Do What I Do" that you can just click on the "About Me" page for, I thought I might as well tell you folks who I am as a person. Not a photographer - just me. Ultimately, that's who you're speaking to. It's who you're considering for your projects. I've added photography to my identity and it's a part of my story, but it isn't all of who I am.

So this is who I am.*


I have been this way my entire life.

My name is Quinn Kirby.

My favorite color is yellow, and I consider that to be a personality trait. If your favorite color is yellow, we're going to be friends.

My first concert was Kidz Bop.

I started a school newspaper in third grade because I was an entrepreneurial mogul at age eight and recognized a gap in the market. Each edition sold for a whopping ten cents.

I once decided that a blue-and-white striped shirt and flowing pink gauchos was an adequate outfit for public consumption (and my mother allowed me to exit the house wearing it).

Sometimes, as an adult, I forget the names of everyday items and called shoes "foot cages" in one such frenzy.

My nearest claim to fame is writing a news story on a woman who saved a squirrel using CPR using a technique she learned from The Office that then got picked up by Huffington Post, TIME, Barstool Sports, and National Geographic.

Parks and Recreation is better than The Office.

I won Homecoming Queen my senior year of high school and I wore a suit because high school gender norms can eat my ass.

Some high schools have students pageant for Homecoming King and Queen. Not this school - people could vote for any old person. I was just thrust into the limelight, and while this was confusing to me (note the left hand in this photo) I was undoubtedly flattered.

There was a point in my childhood where I got the flu on my birthday enough years in a row that I thought it happened to everybody, like some sort of sick, biological birthday gift.


I think that's enough to sort of ease y'all into the blog - in the future, I'll be posting photo shoot experiences, tutorials, and the like. Jumping in without some sort of introduction, without any foundation to build upon just felt incomplete.

Thanks for following along and I'll see you on the next post!


*Mostly who I am - some info I'm keeping to myself for now to protect myself from my family's politics.

Note: Featured photo taken by Gordon Meier and cropped to fit the requirements for this blog format.

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